Track Lube Plus™

Track Lube Plus™ is a water resistant biodegradable lubricant & anti-corrosion rust inhibitor and excellent for areas that squeak, squeal or create friction. It was originally created in 2003 to be used as an eco-friendly and water resistant lubricant for roller coasters. It is currently being used on thousands of attractions around the world.


The main applications of Track Lube Plus™ are:

Main Benefits

Track Lube Plus™  works different than most other products on the market by not only giving the item a coating of lube, but by soaking into the metal and creating a long lasting protection. The main benefits of Track Lube Plus™ as lubricant for attraction are:

  1. Environmentally friendly*
  2. Improve spare parts service life
  3. Reduction of maintenance hours
  4. Reduction of noise
  5. Possibility to increase the speed of the train

*USDA Certified Biobased Product

Application Method

The Track Lube Plus™ paste can be simply brushed onto the wheels, the track or other components that need to be treated. When mixed with 20% Liquid Track Lube Plus™ it can also be applied as a spray. The Liquid Track Lube Plus™ is particularly suitable for greasing the track of coasters, especially when they have to operate at lower temperatures (< 5ºC), and to soak chains to reduce friction and corrosion before installation.

The quantity to apply and the frequency strongly depends on the type of ride and atmospheric conditions.

If you are interested in Track Lube Plus™ or require more information, then please do not hesitate to contact us.