Our Method

To address the uncertainties involved in a ride upgrade project, KumbaK is using its standard step-by-step approach to facilitate a structured co-operation between all the parties involved and to avoid technical, planning and financial risks.  Based on our experience with ride upgrading projects, we split our projects into the following four phases. 

Our method to avoid technical, planning and financial risks


Specifications & Concept Design

The project is started with collecting the required technical information about the existing configuration, followed by undertaking a risk analysis and then preparing an overview of the wishes and requirements of all the stakeholders involved.  Based on this information the necessary specifications are developed.

Based on the approved specifications, KumbaK will start developing the concept design.  In this phase of the project, the various, sometimes conflicting specifications are combined and compromises are made, to resulting in a technically, ergonomically and economically feasible and safe solution.

Design & Engineering

Based on the approved concept design, KumbaK starts with the second phase of the project.  This phase is divided into two steps: preliminary design and detailed design.  This split is made to provide the client with an opportunity to review the developed design and request some last minute changes, if required.  The deliverables of Design & Engineering include the engineering calculations, production drawings and any other documentation that may be required to allow third party review and manufacturing of the equipment. 




Based on the approved deliverables of Design & Engineering, KumbaK undertakes the manufacturing of the required equipment, in cooperation with our vast network of specialized and experienced subcontractors.  In most cases, first articles are produced to be reviewed and tested by ourselves and our client, before starting the main production.  All documentation related to the manufacturing, including material certificates, dimensional check sheets, welding reports and NDT results are provided to the client to allow third party review. 


Installation Supervision, Testing & Commissioning

In this last phase of the project, KumbaK provides supervision during the installation of the provided equipment.  After completion of the installation, KumbaK will be testing the systems in accordance with a rigorous test plan.  In addition, the maintenance and operation manuals are provided and the staff of the client is trained to operate and maintain the equipment.  After successful completion of the testing, the project is handed over to the client for operation.